Our windows (and supporting product of Joinery Bobrova are mainly scuntion windows, storm windows and replications of historical wooden windows) are produced in traditional method on modern machines, in own plant by skilled joiners. Both scuntion and storm windows are produced as replicas of original windows, including ornamentation, bars, appearance of handmade work is saved by this, so satisfy also conservationists conditions.   


We provide 5-7 years warranty, thanks to used method of windows production, materials and coating compositions.


External casements of both scuntion and storm windows are usually fixed with 4mm glass. In case of need, it is possible to replace external glass with stronger one or to equip it with protective foil. The glass, to external casement of scuntion window, is stick with silicone and consequently lute by the classic way.


Interior casements of both scuntion and storm windows are fixed with insulating two-glass (4mm glass - 8mm aluminium frame - 4mm glass). The whole window than achieves excellent acoustic as well as insulating qualities.  Interior casement is stick with silicone and ledged.  Interior casements are fixed with silicon and high-elastic sealing throughout the girth.


For window production is used mainly spruce (pine) wood.  

Mounting (closing and hinges) is customized to customer's request or to original design of wooden window. Handles are usually brass.


































The colour used for windows paint is based on plant natural oils base and is poruses open. The paint does not scale, desquamate neither crackle, is made in four layers, that are, contrary of the often used glazing, maintenance-free. The paint is resistant to climatic influences and UV radiation, repels the water and regulates wood moisture.  Of course, the paint is hygienically and ecologically unexceptionable.





 1. pull down   2. fixing and mounting   3. bricklayer defray (cleaning)
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